Announcing KYF V2

Sep 02, 2020

Hey all, we've been working hard today and super excited to announce KYF v2! Just for context, we started off KYF as a small experiment to ensure that we can get a set of committed beta users who would try out the ARC protocol and ensure it's safety. We really didn't expect we'd be overbooked with the number of users who wanted to be involved.

To make sure that we can be inclusive of everyone but also stay true to the objective we're announcing KYF v2 which will be for users once ARC is out of beta. Here's a run down of how we expect the timelines to play out.

  1. KYF v2 is announced as of now. You can read the eligibility criteria here:
  2. You can double-check by visiting
  3. The button to submit on-chain has been disabled and will be enabled tomorrow (Wednesday 6:30pm PST)
  4. Once the button is enabled you'll need to make sure you register on-chain. There will only be 2359 slots. There is a hard cap this time so anyone who doesn't get in won't have the chance to participate in the first yield farming tranche. Contract over here at:
  5. Once the ARC contracts are on main-net we'll be announcing the first ARC rewards pool for supplying liquidity LINK-USD liquidity to KYF v1 participants. As iterated before, this advantage will be minor.
  6. Post a successful beta we'll be launching the first yield farming tranche for YKF v1 AND KYF v2 participants. Numbers and details will be saved for a separate post.
  7. After the second pool goes live we'll figure out what's next as a community based on the response.

Super thankful for all of you and your engagement so far. I've never been so bullish on the future of ARC.

Get hyped for level 1!

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