Introducing ARCx Levels (Beta)

Oct 23, 2020

Game on. Level up. Earn ARCx

Complete quests to earn XP and level up! Details below

Today we're excited to announce the next phase of the ARCx game - Levels

Since our launch less than two months ago, we've been thrilled to build ARCx together with the community. Our earliest community members have already made important contributions including minting debt, providing liquidity, testing contracts and UI flows, reporting bugs, helping other users troubleshoot issues, creating memes and building a healthy community discussion on the ARCx discord.

It has always been our intention to make building ARCx fun, collaborative and rewarding, with friendly competition encouraging everyone to contribute.

Leveling up

Starting today, community members will be able to level up across four different skillsets, by completing quests and earning XP

⚔️ Combat. Financial interaction with the ARCx Protocol

  • (Coming Soon) Earn XP by earning ARCx Tokens

💠 Artisan. Participating in governance & education

  • ARC Governor (ARCXGOV): Earn XP by voting in a governance proposal or creating a useful governance proposal that succeeds
  • ARC Educational Content (ARCXCONTENT): Earn XP by creating a blog post, tweet storm, video or other content that explains how ARCx works

✨ Gathering. Testing and improving the ARCx protocol

  • ARC Product Improvements (ARCXIMPROV): Earn XP by finding bugs or suggesting UI improvements in the product

❤️ Support. Helping other users and promoting ARCx

  • ARC Memes Created (ARCXMEMES): Earn XP by creating the best memes and sharing them in discord and on twitter
  • ARC User Helper (ARCXHELPER): Earn XP by helping others to use the protocol e.g. troubleshooting in discord

Here's how it works:

  • When you complete a quest, you will earn XP - in the form of an ERC20 token specific to that quest. XP will be awarded through a combination of automated and manual distributions. For now, the ARCx team will distribute XP.
  • Over time, we'll introduce the concept of Guild Masters - community members that have reached high levels and have the great power and responsibility of awarding XP to others.
  • Your level for each skillset is based on your total XP within that skillset. The more quests you complete (and the better you complete them) the more XP you will earn

Higher Levels = More Rewards

As you earn XP, it will show up on your profile. Over the coming weeks, you'll reach new levels based on how much XP you have across each skillset

After the public launch of ARCx, community members will be able to earn more ARCx than the general public, based on their overall levels.

So, get started today! Game on. Level up. Earn ARCx

PS. We've retroactively awarded some ARCXMEMES, ARCXHELPER and ARCXIMPROV to community members who have already done some great work on these quests in the past - check your DMs!

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